Sleeping Pills And Regulating Light Exposure Can Help With Insomnia

There has been an increase in the prevalence of insomnia in some countries, and for good reason. The human body is hugely influenced by light – it has adapted to release hormones according to the light exposure. Light causes the release of hormones that make us more alert, and darkness stimulates the production of hormones that make out bodies more relaxed and tired. We are bombarded on a daily basis with artificial light and fluctuations of light that do not conform to our natural rhythms. In particular, studies have shown that blue light has a particularly negative effect on our sleeping patterns. To compensate for this, you can take effective sleeping pills that will ensure you get the sleep you need in the short-term. There are also a few changes you could make to decrease your exposure to blue light.

How to cut down on blue light exposure

1. Make sure you are exposed to a lot of bright light during daylight hours – not only will this help stimulate your mood and levels of alertness, but it will help you sleep better at night.
2. You can buy sunglasses that filter blue light if you work the night shift.
3. If you use electronic devices at night, install an app that blocks blue wavelength light in addition to taking sleeping pills, if necessary.
4. Avoid using bright screens (including TVs, computers, and smartphones) for two to three hours before bedtime. If you have a TV in your room, cover it or put it in a cabinet so that you can shut the doors before you go to sleep.
5. If you need to use a night light, you can get red lights. This is preferable to shorter wavelength blue light because it plays a more beneficial role in allowing melatonin to be produced. Melatonin helps one fall asleep at night more easily.

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