Strong Sleeping Pills And Herbal Remedies Can Help Curb Insomnia

Research has shown that about 30% of people in the UK suffer from insomnia. Sadly, many people don’t seek treatment, despite the plethora of treatments that are available online. Even before people were able to access quality pharmacological treatments online in the form of strong sleeping pills, there has been no shortage over the years of herbal remedies that helped people fall asleep at night. Though these are not as effective as many tried and tested pharmaceutical counterparts, some of these are still used today.

Natural remedies for insomnia

1. Valerian has been used for centuries as a natural sleep aid, and for this reason is known as ‘nature’s Valium’. Like many strong sleeping medications on the market today, this herb helps induce sleep by increasing GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) in the central nervous system. You can drink it as a tea before you go to bed.

2. Diet plays a significant role in promoting (or inhibiting) sleep. Chicken, seafood, vegetables, dairy products and nuts/seeds are preferable to those that are high in sugar content, and refined food. Also avoid alcohol, especially if you are taking strong sleeping pills.

3. Maintain good sleep hygiene practices. This involves ensuring that you create an environment that has ideal conditions to help you get to sleep – including light, sound and temperature regulation.

4. Avoid activity or stressful events before going to bed, for example checking social media or working.

5. Turn off all screens at least an hour before bedtime. Blue light from TVs, tablets and smartphones can affect your ability to fall asleep – try to do something that makes you feel drowsy that doesn’t involve a looking at a screen, like reading.

Make sure you consult online resources before you take any herbal remedy. Combining them with other medications including sleeping pills, or taking them if you have certain medical conditions, could lead to adverse side effects.

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